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“Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication” Leonardo Da Vinci


SMTP host
 host or ip address of your smtp server (example: smtp.gmail.com)
 FYI: it seems smtp.gmail.com is usable only by Google G Suite subscribers.
the default port is 25, but some smtp server use a custom port (example: 587)
 checked it only if the smtp server needs a secured connection (ssl, tsl)
 most of smtp servers need an authentication (login/password). Check it if required
required if 'Use authentication' is checked (ex: account or account@foo.com)
required if 'Use authentication' is checked
Email from
the sender's email address (example: account@gmail.com)
Email to
very important : the test mail will be sent to this address (ex: account@gmail.com)
2 + 3 =
Type the result (check if you are not a robot)
Test your mail server on the fly
4.5 out of 5


We made this tool for our personal use.
If you need to test a smtp server, please feel free to use it at your own risks.

For your information, our web app does not store any information that you typed. It will just send a test mail with the parameters you have provided. No data will be stored in any form of storage on our server.